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A. Mofidi, On the VC-dimension, covering and separating properties of the cycle and spanning tree hypergraphs of graphs Transactions on Combinatorics 11(2022), 29-43  More Info
A. Mofidi, Uniform logical new proofs for the Daniell-Stone theorem and the Riesz representation theorem Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. (to appear) More Info
M. Ghari, A note on fixed points in quantified logic of proofs and the surprise test paradox (In Persian) Logical Studies (to appear) More Info
M. Ghari, Linear temporal justifiCation logics with past and future time modalities Log. J. IGPL (to appear) More Info
K. Khanaki, $\Aleph_0$-categorical Banach spaces contain $\Ell_P$ or $C_0$ Math. Logic Quart. (to appear) More Info