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    Introduction to Module Theory (with M. R. Pournaki), Sharif University Press, 2nd Edition, 2007 (In Persian).


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    To Appear

    Homological dimensions and special base changes (Sh. Rajabi, B. Torrecillas), to appear in J. Pure Appl. Algebra.

    Stanley depth of powers of the edge ideal of a forest (M.R. Pournaki, S.A. Seyed Fakhari),
    To appear in Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.

    A generalization of the Swartz equality (M.R. Pournaki, S.A. Seyed Fakhari), To appear in Glasgow Math. J.

    Gorenstein homological dimension with respect to a semidualizing module and a generalization of a theorem of Bass (M. Salimi,E. Tavasoli), To appear in Comm. Algebra.

    Coherent power series ring and weak Gorenstein global dimension (N. Mahdou, M. Tamekkante), To appear in Glasgow Math. J.

    On the weakly polymatroidal property of the edge ideals of hypergraphs (R. Rahmati Asghar), To appear in Comm. Algebra.

    The amalgamated duplication of a ring along a semidualizing ideal (M. Salimi, E. Tavasoli), To appear in Rend. del Semin. Mat. della Univ. di Padova.

    Pure-injectivity of tensor and torsion products of modules (M. R. Pournaki, B. Torrecillas, M. Tousi), to appear in Alg. Colloq.

    Homological Dimensions With Respect To A Semidualizing Module And Tensor Products of Algebras (M. Salimi, E. Tavasoli), To appear in Algebra Colloq.

    Relative Tor Functors with Respect to a Semidualizing Module (M. Salimi, S. Sather Wagstaff, E. Tavasoli), To appear in Algebr Represent Theory


    On the h-triangles of sequentially ($S_r$) simplicial complexes via algebraic
    shifting (M.R. Pournaki, S.A. Seyed Fakhari), Ark. Mat., 51 (2013), 185–-196.

    On the Stanley depth of weakly polymatroidal ideals (M.R. Pournaki, S. A, Seyed Fakhari), Arch. Math. 100 (2013), 115–-121.

    An ideal theoretic approach to complete partite zero-divisor graphs of posets (M. Alizadeh, A.K. Das, H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki)}, J. Alg. Appl., 12, (2013) 1250148 (11 pages).



    Rings whose total graphs have genus at most one (H.R. Maimani, C. Wickham), Rocky Mountain J. Math., 42 (2012), 1--10.

    Cleanness and related structures in amalgamated duplication rings (A. Chin), J. Alg. Appl., 11 (2012), 1250104 (8 pages).

    k-torsionless modules with finite Gorenstein dimension (A. Salimi, E. Tavasoli), Czech. Math. J., 62 (137) (2012), 663--672.

    Complete intersection flat dimension and the intersection theorem (P. Sahandi, T. Sharif), Algebra Colloq., 19 (2012), 1161--1166.

    Comparison of Multiplicity and final Betti number of a standard graded K-algebra (P. Sahandi, N. Shirmohammadi), Algebra Colloq., 19, (2012) 1167--1170.

    A generalization of $k$-Cohen-Macaulay simplicial complexes (H. Haghighi, R. Zaare-Nahandi), Ark. Mat., 50 (2012), 279-–290.

    Top local cohomology modules and Gorenstein injectivity with respect to a semidualizing module (M. Salimi, E. Tavasoli), Arch. Math. 98 (2012), 299–-305.

    Shellable quasi--forests and their $h$--triangles (Goodarzi), Manuscripta Math. 137, (2012), 475--481.

    On the $h$-vector of a simplicial complex with Serre's condition (A. Goodarzi, M.R. Pournaki, S.A. Seyed Fakhari), J. Pure and Appl. Algebra 216 (2012) 91–-94.

    Arithmetical rank of the cyclic and bicyclic graphs (M. Barile, D. Kiani, F. Mohammadi), J. Alg. Appl. 11, (2012) 1250039 (14 pages).

    A construction of quasi-Gorenstein rings (A. Bagheri, M. Salimi, E. Tavasoli), J. Alg. Appl. 11, (2012), 1250013 (9 pages).

    On the diameter and girth of zero-divisor graphs of posets (M. Alizadeh, A.K. Das, H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki), Discrete Appl. Math. 160 (2012), 1319--1324.



Sequentially $S_r$ simplicial complexes and sequentially $S_2$ graphs (H. Haghighi, N. Terai, R. Zaare-Nahandi), Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 139, (2011), 1993--2005.

Necessary and sufficient conditions for unit graphs to be Hamiltonian (H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki),  Pacific J. Math., 249 (2011), 419--429.

  On the zero-divisor graphs of commutative semigroups (with H.R. Maimani), Houston J. Math. 37 (2011), 733--740

Vertex decomposability and regularity of very well-covered graphs, (M. Mahmoodi, A. Mousivand, M. Crupi, G. Rinaldo, N. Terai),  J. Pure Appl. Algebra. 215 (2011), 2473–-2480.

Depth formula via complete intersection flat dimension (P. Sahandi, T. Sharif), Comm. Algebra, 39 (2011), 4002--4013.

Cofiniteness of generalized local cohomology modules (K. Borna, P. Sahandi), Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 83 (2011), 382–-388.

  On (strongly) Gorenstein Von Neumann regular rings (N. Mahdou, M. Tamekkante), Comm. in Algebra, 39 (2011), 3242–-3252.

  Rings that are homologically of minimal multiplicity (K. Borna, S. Sather-Wagstaff), Comm. Algebra 39 (2011), 782–-807.

  Graphs attached to the rings revisited (H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki, A. Tehranian), Arab. J. Sci. Eng. 36 (2011), 997--1011.





Tensor products of algebra (H. Haghighi, M. Tousi), Appear in "Recent developments in Commutative Algebra" by Springer editors: Marco Fontana, Salah Kabbaj, Bruce Olberding, and Irena Swanson 2010.

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Unit graphs associated with rings (N. Ashrafi, H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki), Comm. Algebra 38 (2010), 2851--2871.

Shellability of cactus graphs (F. Mohammadi, D. Kiani), Math. Scand. 106 (2010), 161--167.

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Rings which are generated by their units: a graph theoretical approach (H.R. Maimani, M.R. Pournaki), Elem. Math. 65 (2010), 17--25.



What is Stanley depth? (with S.A. Fakhari, M.R. Pournaki, M. Tousi), Notices of Amer. Math. Soc. 56 (2009),          1106--1108.

Characterization of modules of finite projective dimension via Frobenius functor (with S. Naseh, M. Tousi),            Manuscripta Math. 130 (2009), 425–-431.

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