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About the School

The School of Mathematics (formerly called the Section of Mathematics) was founded in 1989. It has been one of the founder schools of the Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM). Initially, it consisted of three research nucleuses: Combinatorics and Computing, Dynamical Systems, and Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science.
Presently, there are three research areas at the School: Combinatorics and Computing, Commutative Algebra, and Mathematical Logic.

The Scientific Council of the School is the highest policy-making body of the School. The council is responsible for the approval of scientific activities, research grants, and the long-range planning of the School.

Scientific Activities
The annual research activities of the School consist of full-time, part-time and non-resident modes.

The full-time mode includes:

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,

  • Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,

  • Faculty member.

The part-time mode includes:

  • Research Nucleus, headed by a university academic whose rank is that of a professor. Each nucleus is composed of a university academic with a Ph.D (such as a post-doctoral fellow) and two Ph.D students,

  • Senior Associate Researcher, a university academic whose rank is that of a professor with at most two Ph.D students,

  • Junior Associate Researcher, a university academic with a  Ph.D.

The non-resident mode consists of grants provided to academics normally resident in universities or affiliated centers who carry out their research at their own institutions.

Ph.D Program
According to the constitution of IPM, the School is allowed to hold Ph.D programs in mathematical areas of promotional nature, i.e., they are implemented in Iran for the first time. Based on this plan, the School has held two Ph.D programs in Mathematical Logic. The programs resulted in five  Ph.D graduates.

Workshops, Conferences, and Schools
A number of international and national scientific gatherings are taking place each year some of which are cosponsored by universities and other scientific bodies in Iran.

Visiting Programs
The School welcomes both Iranian and foreign scientists for short and long-term visits to enrich the research environment and to achieve optimal scientific cooperation.

Adjunct Professorships
Among the Iranian and foreign scientists, there are some adjunct professors who visit the School annually during the three consecutive years of their contracts and collaborate with the researchers of the School in holding seminars, short-courses, conferences, and etc.

Weekly Seminars
The School holds weekly seminars in regular time spans in the active mathematical areas of the School.

The School annually grants a number of scholarships to outstanding Iranian Ph.D students in mathematics. The recipients will receive privileges of affiliation with the School.

The School has been managed by five heads from its initial phase of operation:

     Siavash Shahshahani (1989-1994)

     Hossein Zakeri (1994- 1996)

     Gholamreza B. Khosrovshahi (1996- March 2007)

     Siamak Yassemi (March 2007 - July 2009)

.     Massoud Pourmahdian (July 2009 - Present)

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