IPM Algebraic Geometry Seminar

IPM is holding a biweekly zoom Algebraic Geometry seminar for Winter/Spring 2023.


When: Wednesdays
Where: Zoom
Meeting ID: 908 611 6889
Passcode: 13440 × the number of lines on a cubic surface
Seminar mailing list: google group
Poster: here

For past seminar series please visit here.

Upcoming Talks

Speaker: Jihun Park, IBS Center for Geometry and Physics, POSTECH (Korea)
Title: Sasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds and del Pezzo surfaces
Abstract:This talk briefly explains how to find closed simply connected Sasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds from K-stable log del Pezzo surfaces. It then lists closed simply connected 5-manifolds that are known so far to admit Sasaki-Einstein metrics. It also presents possible candidates for Sasaki-Einstein 5- manifolds to complete the classification of closed simply connected Sasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds.
Date: June 7, 2023
Time: 13:30-15:00 Tehran local time