FGC-HRI-IPM Joint Number Theory Seminar

FGC, HRI and IPM are holding a joint biweekly zoom Number Theory seminar for Fall 2023.

When: Wednesdays
Where: Zoom
Meeting ID: 85613860958
Seminar mailing list: google group

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Speaker: Emre Sertöz, Leiden University
Title: Computing linear relations between univariate integrals
Abstract: The study of integrals of univariate algebraic functions (1-periods) provided the impetus to develop much of algebraic geometry and transcendental number theory. This old saga is now at a point of resolution. In 2022, Huber and Wüstholz gave a "qualitative description" of all linear relations with algebraic coefficients between 1-periods. New techniques for determining symmetries of complex tori allow us to develop algorithms to explicate these qualitative relations and decide the transcendence of 1-periods. This is a work-in-progress with Joël Ouaknine (MPI SWS) and James Worrell (Oxford).
Date: December 6, 2023
Time: 17:30-19:00 (Tehran local time)