I n v i t e d    L e c t u r e r s

K. Barkeshli
  • Image Reconstruction of Impenetrable Cylinders Using Cubic B-splines and Genetic Algorithms.
  • Robust Estimation of Target Orientation From Scattering Data Using a Generalized Regression Neural Network (GRNN).

R. Cont
  • Regularization in Linear Ill-posed Problems.
  • Applications to Parabolic Equations.
  • Regularization in Non-Linear Ill-posed Problems.

P. A. Markowich
  • 20 Years of Mathematical Semiconductor Modelling: A Review.
  • Model Reduction for Semiconductor Inverse Dopant Profiling.

F. Natterer
  • X-Ray Tomography.
  • Reconstruction Algorithms.
  • Nonlinear Tomography.

A. Rivaz
  • Inverse Eigenvalu Problems for Jacobi and R-matrices.

L. Shepp
  • CT Scanning; Theory and Practice.
  • Emission Tomography; Theory and practice.
  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Theory and Practice.
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