The 6th International Iranian Workshop on  
Stochastic Processes  
School of Mathematics, IPM
May 18-20, 2010
Tehran, Iran


This is to invite you to participate and present your invited talk at the 6th International Iranian Workshop on Stochastic Processes. Local expenses of those whose paper is accepted at the workshop, and coming from other countries, is covered.


Massoud Pourmahdian (IPM & Amirkabir University of Technology)
Hamid Pezeshk (IPM & University of Tehran)
Saeid Rezakhah (IPM & Amirkabir University of Technology)



K. Alishahi
(Sharif University of Technology)
K. Khorshidian
(Shiraz University)
M. Mohamadpour
(University of Mazandaran)
A. Nematollahi
(Shiraz University)
A. Parvardeh
(University of Isfahan)
H. Pezeshk
(University of Tehran & IPM)
S. Rezakhah
(Amirkabir University of Technology & IPM)
Z. Shishehbor
(Shiraz University)
A. R. Soltani
(Kuwait University)
B. Zangeneh
(Sharif University of Technology)




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