A Workshop on
Mechanism Design and Computational Modeling of
Social Systems

School of Mathematics, IPM

November 19 and 20, 2014
(Aaban 28 and 29, 1393)
 Tehran, Iran



Social Systems are complex systems consist of enormous number of autonomous, heterogeneous and bounded rational agents who locally interact and generate macroscopic phenomena of the system. The goal of the workshop is to bring together many of people who are working in mechanism design and game theory from different approaches (economics, computer sciences, and mathematics) to introduce students the topics of research and set up a direction in computational modeling of social systems as an interdisciplinary area.


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Mohammad Reza Pournaki  (Sharif University of Technology and IPM)
Rasoul Ramezanian
(Sharif University of Technology and IPM)
Arunava Sen
(Indian Statistical Institute, India)

Scientific Committee:

Farshad Fatemi (Sharif University of Technology)
Rasoul Ramezanian (Sharif University of Technology and IPM)
Arunava Sen (Indian Statistical Institute, India)




Masoud Amoozegar, Sharif University of Technology

A Computational Model and Convergence Theorem for Rumor Dissemination in Social Networks (Abstract)


Majid Davoody, Amirkabir University of Technology

An Extension of the Neurocomputational Account of Science (Abstract)


Farshad Fatemi, Sharif University of Technology

- Suggestion for Market Design Research in Iran (Abstract)

- An Empirical Analysis of Suppliers Bidding Strategy: A Case Study of Iran Wholesale Electricity Market (Abstract)


Omid Gheibi, Sharif University of Technology

A Process Algebraic Form to Represent Extensive Games (Abstract)


Mahdi Jalili, Sharif University of Technology

Link Prediction in Social Networks: Recommender System (Abstract)


Meysam Madani, Sharif University of Technology

Simulation Tools (Abstract) (Slideshow)


Rasoul  Ramezanian, Sharif University of Technology

Modeling and Simulation of Social Systems (Abstract) (Slideshow)


Mostafa Salehi, University of Tehran

Social Bootstrapping: How Pinterest and Last.fm Social Communities Benefit by Borrowing Links from Facebook (Abstract)


Arunava Sen, Indian Statistical Institute, India

Complete Information Mechanism Design: Maskin's Theorem (Slideshow)

(Lecture Notes 1) (Lecture Notes 2)


S. Peyman Shariatpanahi, University of Tehran

Routine Dental Checkup Visits and the Effect of Word-Of-Mouth: An Agent Based Modeling Approach (Abstract)


Workshop Program:

You can see the pdf file of the workshop program here.


Registration: (The deadline is over.)

Please, fill out the Registration Form and send it to s.hosseinghorban@ipm.ir  with the subject: "DGIPM-REG".

Registration Fee:

1) Registration fees for Iranian participants:
You can get more information about the registration fee here.

2) Registration fees for international participants:
The registration fee is 60 Euros.

The registration fee for international participants will be due in cash at the time of registration on the first day of the meeting. Please note that standard credit cards; e.g., Visa, Master or AmEXP, cannot be used in Iran.

Registration fee includes: Documentation package, participation in the lectures, lunches coupons, and coffee breaks during the meeting.

Residence fee at IPM guest house is 30 Euros for per night.

Call for Papers: (The deadline is over.)

Papers will be accepted for presentation at the seminar subject to approval by the Organizers. Please send submissions (extended abstract or full paper) electronically (in PDF and Tex formats) to ramezanian@sharif.edu with the subject: "DGIPM- Abstract".


Deadline for submission of paper: October 15, 2014 (extended by 10 days to October 25, 2014)
Deadline for registration for Iranian Participants: October 25, 2014 (Aaban 3, 1393)
Deadline for registration for non-Iranian Participants: October 15, 2014


School of Mathematics, Niavaran Bldg., Niavaran Square, Tehran, Iran

Contact Information:

School of Mathematics,
Tehran, Iran
Email: ramezanian@sharif.edu


This is to inform you that a pre-workshop for supporting this meeting will be held on November  16 and 17, 2014 (Aaban 25 and 26, 1393) at Sharif University of Technology.

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