The Workshop on
Where Mathematics Comes From

May 15, 2023
(Ordibehesht 25, 1402)




The theory of Embodied Mathematics was introduced by George Lakoff and Rafael Nez in the famous book "Where Mathematics comes from" in the early 2000s. This workshop will bring together experts from Cognitive science, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Linguistics to discuss different aspects of the book.

No formal registration is needed.


Mahdi Hormozi (School of Mathematics, IPM)
Alireza Kazemi (School of Philosophy, IPM)

Meysam Nassiri (School of Mathematics, IPM)


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Zahra Abbasi (Heidelberg University, Germany)

Niloofar Aghaebrahimi (Elm International Academy, Iran)
Metaphor and Truth

Mahdi Hormozi (School of Mathematics, IPM, Iran)
The Theory of Embodied Mathematics

Alireza Kazemi (School of Philosophy, IPM, Iran)
Embodied Philosophy of Mathematics

Saied Sabaghypour (University of Tabriz, Iran)




Mahdi Hormozi
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