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There is a short course on: 'Stable Homological Algebra'.

The lecturer is Professor Alexander Martsinkovsky from Northeastern University, USA.

Javad Asadollahi
(University of Isfahan and IPM)

The program of the short course is as follows:

Wednesday, April 16, 10:30-12:00 and 14:30-15:30
Thursday, April 17, 10:30-12:00 and 14:30-15:30.

To register for the short course, send an e-mail to:


with the subject: Stable Homological Algebra

For information on accomodation please click here.

You can download a pdf file containing some necessary preliminaries for the course here.



Day 1 will be devoted to detailed definitions and properties of stable cohomology. I will start essentially from scratch and go over the basic tools. For dealing with complexes, needed to start experimenting with stable cohomology. This part will be very explicit, what I would call "open source". The goal here is to put emphasis on the most useful explicit basic techniques that can be quickly learned by graduate students not yet familiar with the subject. How many proofs can go into the actual presentation is not yet clear, but whatever is left out will be included in the notes, and those notes will be virtually self-contained.

Day 2 will focus on a connection between stable cohomology and cohomology of a non-commutative analog of coherent sheaves on a projective variety via Koszul duality. This is a far-reaching generalization of the BGG correspondence and is based on my paper with Roberto Martinez Villa. Here I will also start from scratch, but unlike the first part, the proofs are very technical, so instead I will concentrate on concepts rather than techniques. This is an open-ended lecture, different from the first one in both the style of presentation and its goal. Its style will also differ a lot from the paper - the goal here is to invite the audience to think how to construct a very general framework for dealing with dualities in an axiomatic context. A large part of this lecture will be presented on Beamer slides.


Javad Asadollahi
(University of Isfahan and IPM)




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