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    31. A. Abdollahi,
    Cohomologically trivial modules over finite p-groups,
    Abstracts of International Congress of Mathematicians
    Rajendra Bhatia
    Hindustan Book Agency
    32. G. B.. Khosrovshahi and B. Tayfeh-Rezaie,
    Trades and t-designs,
    London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser. 365 Surveys in combinatorics 2009
    S. Huczynska, C. M. Roney-Dougal, J. D. Mitchell
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
    33. K. Nourouzi,
    Baire theorem in probabilistic modular spaces,
    Proceedings of WCE 2008

    34. S. Nobakhtian,
    Nonsmooth multiobjective continuous-time problems with generalized invexity,
    Proceedings of NAOP2007

    35. M. Aminghafari (Joint with J-M Poggi),
    Multistep forecasting non-stationary time series using wavelets and kernel smoothing,
    Proceedings of the 28th international symposium on forecasting

    36. Kh. Hessami Pilehrood and T. Hessami Pilehrood,
    Apéry-like recursion and continued fraction for π coth π,
    Diophantische approximationen

    37. A. Abdollahi ,
    A combinatorial property of Burnside varieties of groups,
    ISCHIA Group Theory 2006
    T. Hawkes, P. Longon, and M. Maj
    World Scientific Publishing Co.
    38. M. T. Dibaei and S. Yassemi,
    Associated primes of the local cohomology modules,
    Abelian groups, rings, modules, and homological algebras
    P. Goeters and O. M. G. Jenda

    39. R. Bean, H. Bidkhori, M. Khosravi and E. S. Mahmoodian,
    k-homogeneous latin trades,

    40. M. Sal Moslehian,
    On (Co)homology of triangular Banach algebras,
    67 Banach Center Publ.


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