Program at a Glance


Workshop Program


Workshop dinner: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 19:00


Titles of the Lectures


Georges Comte:

Counting rational and algebraic points on real and p-adic tame sets (Abstract)

1) Introduction: the case of curves and zeroes lemmas
2) Pila-Wilkie's result
3) The p-adic case


Jamshid Derakhshan:

Euler products of p-adic integrals (Abstract)

1) Introduction to the main results and applications to global zeta functions
2) Uniformity in p-adic integrals, definable sets over finite fields, and abscissa of convergence of Euler products
3) Meromorphic continuation of Euler products, ring of adeles, and related results and questions


Arthur Forey:

Model theory of the field of p-adic numbers (Abstract) (Notes)

1) Cell decomposition
2) Quantifier elimination and consequences
3) Uniform cell decomposition and the Ax-Kochen-Ershov principle


François Loeser:

Introduction to p-adic numbers and p-adic integrals (Abstract) (Notes)

1) Rationality of generating series via p-adic integration
2) Applications to birational geometry
3) Uniformity patterns for p-adic integrals


Shahram Mohsenipour:

A Logical Diophantine Approach to the Real Algebraic Geometry I, II (Abstract)


Silvain Rideau:

Model theory of algebraically closed valued fields (Abstract) (Notes)

1) Algebra and quantifiers
2) Definable sets and swiss cheeses
3) Imaginaries