About IPM-Isfahan

The Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences , founded in 1989, is known as IPM because of its former name "Institute for studies in theoretical Physics and Mathematics".

Its goal was to carry out original research in Physics and Mathematics. Schools of Mathematics and Physics were the first two schools of IPM. Now it has eight schools conducting research in many different areas of fundamental sciences. Although the main activities of IPM are based on researchers resided in Tehran, it has some programs for supporting people from around the country. One may get the complete information here .

School of Mathematics of IPM, started its work by three core research groups but now has four research groups in Bioinformatics, Combinatorics and Computing, Commutative Algebra and Logic, some resident researchers and also non-resident researchers.

The first branch of the School of Mathematics has been founded in September 22, 2012 in Isfahan.

It started its work with thirteen resident researchers and eight Ph .D. students in different branches of Mathematics.

The goal of this branch is not only to provide a good atmosphere for the researchers living in Isfahan and cities nearby, but also is acting as a complementary to the Mathematics School in Tehran for supporting the non-resident researchers from the whole country.

ipm-isfahan entrance
ipm-isfahan building
Address: IPM-Isfahan, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, IRAN.
P.O. Box: 81745-157
Phone: +98 (31) 3793 2319
Email: ipm-isfahan[at]ipm.ir
Telegram Chanel: @IPM_Isfahan

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