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IPM» School of Mathematics International Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry

The general scope of the workshop  is to cover the latest developments in noncommutative geometry (cyclic cohomology and K-theory, motivic Galois theory, Hopf algebras and quantum groups, noncommutative spaces) and its interactions with theoretical physics (noncommutative  gauge theory, renormalization via Hopf algebras).
During the first week we will have a series of introductory lectures on various aspects of noncommutative geometry by experts in the field.These lectures  are geared towards graduate
students, postdoctoral fellows  and all those interested  in gaining a working knowledge of noncommutative geometry. In the second week  there will be a conference  to cover the most recent developments in  noncommutative geometry and its applications.


  • Professor Alain Connes will give a course (4 lectures) during the second week of the activity
    with the title:
    "Primes and space-time: two spaces we'd like to know a lot more about"



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