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IPM» School of Mathematics» CIMPA-UNESCO-IRAN School on Recent Topics in
                                           Geometric Analysis

Topics include the Ricci flow, the spectrum of Laplacian, isoperimetric inequalities and Sobolev constants, the heat kernel and Riesz transform, minimal submanifolds, the Yamabe problem, cohomology of square integrable forms on non-compact manifolds, geometric evolution equations and analysis on symmetric and locally symmetric spaces.

The goal of the school is to give an introduction to current topics of research in Geometric Analysis as well as presentations of latest results and of open problems in this field.  It is directed towards the interests of students of mathematics and physics specializing in geometric analysis as well as post-doctoral fellows and researchers from Iran and other countries in the region.  Participants are expected to be reasonably familiar with differential geometry and basic theory of elliptic partial differential equations.


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