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IPM School of Mathematics Ordinary differential equations & inverse problems
Title of Lectures:
  • S. Abbasbandy, On the Analytic Solution of Cooling of a Lumped System with Variable Specific Heat (Abstract)

  • M. Fotouhi, Inverse Scattering Theory (Abstract)

  • M. Beyg Mohamadi, Kirk's Fixed Point Theorem in the Modular Space (Abstract)

  • S. Homaei, A Generalization of Quasi-Contraction Principle in the Modular Space (Abstract)

  • M. Mokhtarzadeh, Numerical Solution of the Inverse ODE's Problem (Abstract)

  • K. Ivaz, Numerical Solution of the Nonlinear Feredholm Integro- Differential Equations (Abstract)

  • M. Karimi, Use of Cubic Spline for Solving Conservation Laws System and Improving Available Shocks in Result with Use of Switch Automatic (Abstract)

  • A. Razani, On the Existence of Periodic Solutions for a Class of Generalized Forced Li\'{e}nard Equations (Abstract)

  • D. Rostamy, Sigmoidal Transformations for Solving Cauchy Singular Integral Equations (Abstract)




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