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M. Ghari, A formalization of the Protagoras court paradox in a temporal logic of epistemic and normative reasons Artificial Intelligence and Law (to appear) More Info
M. Ghari, Linear temporal justification logics with past and future time modalities Log. J. IGPL 31(2023), 1-38  More Info
S. Salehi, Axiomatic (and non-axiomatic) mathematics Rocky Mountain J. Math. 52(2022), 1157-1176  More Info
S. Salehi, `Sometime a Paradox', now proof: Yablo is not first order Log. J. IGPL 30(2022), 71-77  More Info
S. Bahrami, Self-embeddings of models of arithmetic; fixed points, small submodels, and extendability J. Symbolic Logic (to appear) More Info