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M. Ghari, Linear temporal justification logics with past and future time modalities Log. J. IGPL 31(2023), 1-38  More Info
S. Bahrami, Self-embeddings of models of arithmetic; fixed points, small submodels, and extendability J. Symbolic Logic (to appear) More Info
A. Mofidi, On the VC-dimension, covering and separating properties of the cycle and spanning tree hypergraphs of graphs Transactions on Combinatorics 11(2022), 29-43  More Info
A. Mofidi, Uniform logical new proofs for the Daniell-Stone theorem and the Riesz representation theorem Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. (to appear) More Info
M. Ghari, A note on fixed points in quantified logic of proofs and the surprise test paradox (In Persian) Logical Studies 12(2021), 129-153  More Info