Short introduction to H-minimality

Hamed Khalilian, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Finite support iteration and small models

Martin Goldstern, Vienna University of Technology

Partitions of well-founded trees and three connections with model theory

Andrés Villaveces, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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A definable Hamel basis without choice

Ralf Schindler, Universität Münster

Pseudofiniteness and measurability of the everywhere infinite forest

Darío García, Universidad de los Andes
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The Herwig--Lascar property of groups, ultraextensive structures and Vershik's conjecture

Mahmood Etedadi Aliabadi, University of North Texas
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Universal theories and compactly expandable models

Enrique Casanovas, University of Barcelona

Linearisation in finite-dimensional theories

Frank Wagner, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Fraisse limits of categories of C*-algebras

Saeed Ghasemi, Czech Academy of Sciences

Generalized descriptive set theory under I0

Vincenzo Dimonte, University of Udine

In search of higher forcing axioms; A Supplement to Veličković's talk

Rahman Mohammadpour, Vienna University of Technology

In search of higher forcing axioms

Boban Veličković, University of Paris

Model Theory of Adeles

Jamshid Derakhshan, University of Oxford
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Cardinalities of Definable Sets in finite Structures

Dugald Macpherson, University of Leeds
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Purity and Model Theory of Modules

Mike Prest, University of Manchester

Interpolative Fusions

Alex Kruckman, Wesleyan University
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Dynamic Topological Logic

David Fernández-Duque, Ghent University
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Group Topologies on Automorphism Groups of First Order Structure

Zaniar Ghadernezhad, Imperial college London
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An invitation to topos-theoretic model theory

Olivia Caramello, University of Insurbia and IHÉS
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