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A. Hashemi (Joint with M. Moller), A new algorithm for computing staggered linear bases J. Symb. Comput. 117(2023), 1-14  More Info
A. Mahin Fallah, Auslander-Reiten conjucture of the tilting theorem J. Algebra Appl. (to appear) More Info
Y. Azimi, Constructing (non-)catenarian rings J. Algebra 597(2022), 266-274  More Info
M. Nassernejad (A. Asloob Qureshi, S. Bandari, and A. Musapasaoglu), Dominating ideals and closed neighborhood Mediterr. J. Math. (to appear) More Info
A. Sadeghi (Joint with F. Dehghani-Zadeh and M. T. Dibaei), Linkage of modules by reflexive morphisms J. Math. Soc. Japan 74(2022), 25-77  More Info