The 14th Seminar on
Commutative Algebra
and Related Topics

January 3 & 4, 2018
(Dey 13 & 14, 1396)

School of Mathematics, IPM, Tehran


We are pleased to announce that the 14th Seminar on Commutative Algebra and Related Topics will be held on January 3 & 4, 2018 (Dey 13 & 14, 1396) at the School of Mathematics of IPM, Tehran, Iran.

The goal of this seminar is to bring together people who are working on commutative algebra and related fields to introduce students and young researchers to the current research topics. Your contribution is highly appreciated.


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Mohammad-Taghi Dibaei (IPM and Kharazmi University)
Kamran Divaani-Aazar (IPM and Alzahra University)
Arash Sadeghi (IPM)
Shokrollah Salarian (IPM and University of Isfahan)
Massoud Tousi (IPM and Shahid Beheshti University)


Invited Speakers:


Rasoul Ahangari Maleki, IPM and Alzahra University

Koszul Cycles and Golod Rings (Abstract)


Mehdi Dorreh, IPM

Injective Dimension of Holonomic $\mathcal{D}$-modules and $\mathcal{F}$-finite Modules (Abstract)


Hossein Eshraghi, University of Kashan

On Derived Equivalences of Artin Algebras (Abstract)


Hamid Hassanzadeh, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Upper Bound for the Degree of the Inverse of a Birational Map (Abstract)


Le Tuan Hoa, Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi, Vietnam

On the Behavior of Depths of Powers of Monomial Ideals (Abstract)


Saeed Nasseh,  Georgia Southern University, USA

Local Rings with (quasi-)decomposable Maximal Ideal (Abstract)


Tim Römer, Universität Osnabrück, Germany

Commutative Algebra up to Symmetry and FI-modules (Abstract)


Sara Saeedi Madani, IPM and Amirkabir University of Technology

Free Resolutions of Binomial Edge Ideals (Abstract)


Contributed Talks:


S. Shahab Arkian, Farhangian University

On the Ratliff-Rush Closure of Ideals (Abstract)


Mina Bigdeli, IPM

The Behavior of the Betti Table of Squarefree Monomial Ideals under some Extension Process (Abstract)


Kamran Lamei, University of Tehran

The Green-Lazarsfeld Index of Veronese Embeddings (Abstract)


Parvaneh Nadi,  Amirkabir University of Technology

Lyubeznik Tables of Ideals of Cycle Graphs (Abstract)


Amin Nematbakhsh, IPM

The Ideal of Maximal Flags of a Poset (Abstract)


Ahad Rahimi, Razi University

Squarefree Monomial Ideals with Maximal Depth (Abstract)


Mehran Rahimi, Kharazmi University

Rings with Canonical Reduction (Abstract)


Reza Sazeedeh, Urmia University

Atom Supports and Associated Atoms in Abelian Categories (Abstract)


Razieh Vahed, Khansar Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Morita Theory for Derived Categories of Functor Categories (Abstract)



You can see the pdf file of the seminar program by clicking here.

Registration: (The deadline is over.)

Please, fill out the Registration Form and send it to  with the subject: "14th_commalg-reg".

Registration Fee:

1) Registration fees for Iranian participants:
You can get more information about the registration fee here.

2) Registration fees for international participants:
The registration fee is 100 Euros.

The registration fee for international participants will be due in cash at the time of registration on the first day of the meeting. Please note that standard credit cards; e.g., Visa, Master or AmEXP, cannot be used in Iran.

Registration fee includes: Documentation package, participation in the lectures, lunches coupons, and coffee breaks during the meeting.

Residence fee at IPM guest house is 25 Euros per night.

Call for Papers:

Papers will be accepted for presentation at the seminar subject to approval by the Organizers. Please send submissions (extended abstract or full paper) electronically (in PDF and Tex formats) to with the subject: "14th_commalg_abstract".


Deadline for submission of paper: November 24, 2017 (Azar 3, 1396)
Deadline for registration:  November 28, 2017 (Azar 7, 1396)
Payment deadline for accepted participants: December 9, 2017 (Azar 18, 1396)


School of Mathematics, Niavaran Bldg., Niavaran Square, Tehran, Iran

Further Announcement:

Professors Hoa and Römer will deliver extra talks at the School of Mathematics on January 1 & 2, 2018.
For these lectures, there is no registration and everyone is welcome.

Contact Information:

School of Mathematics,
Tehran, Iran



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