The Workshop on
Computational Differential Algebra
and Related Topics

School of Mathematics, IPM

June 21-25, 2014
(31 Khordad - 4 Tir, 1393)
 Tehran, Iran



Differential algebra is the topic of studying algebraic structure equipped with a derivation. Based on the fundamental works of J. Ritt and E. Kolchin in 1930s, differential algebra has been evolved into an extremely rich subject during the last two decades.
This workshop offers an opportunity for participants to learn about the basics of differential algebra, its computational aspects, its application to partial differential equations and also some related topics as triangular decompositions and comprehensive Gr÷bner systems.
The main goal of this workshop is to bring together the researchers and students who are working in computer algebra, Lie algebras and partial differential equations, to join in a common subject.
To enhance academic collaborations, we invite researchers and PhD students to submit (an abstract of) a talk on their most recent research related to topics of the workshop.


Abdolali Basiri (Damghan University)
Amir Hashemi (IPM and Isfahan University of Technology)(chair)
Rashid Zaare-Nahandi (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)
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Parisa Alvandi, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Doing Algebraic Geometry with the Regular Chains Library (Abstract)

Saeid Azam,
University of Isfahan, Iran
An Introduction to Finite Dimensional Lie Theory (Abstract)

Marziyeh Boroujeni,
University of Damghan, Iran
On Homogenization SAGBI-Grobner Bases in Invariant Rings (Abstract)

Hassan Haghighi,
K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Iran
Some Geometric Applications of Macaulay's Inverse System (Abstract)

Amir Hashemi,
Isfahan University of Technology and IPM, Iran
An Introduction to Grobner Bases

Deepak Kapur,
University of New Mexico, USA
Elimination Techniques for Parametric Polynomial Systems (Abstract)

Mahsa Kazemi,
Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
Computational Algebraic Geometry and Singularity Theory (Abstract)

Benyamin M.-Alizadeh,
University of Damghan, Iran
Interval Grobner Systems (Abstract)

Marc Moreno-Maza,
University of Western Ontario, Canada
Triangular Decompositions of Polynomial Systems: Reverse Engineering from Wu to Ritt through (Abstract)

Francois Ollivier,
Ecole Polythechnique, France
The Rosenfeld–Grobner Algorithm

Masoud Sabzevari,
University of Shahrekord, Iran
Computing Symmetry Lie Algebras of CR-manifolds

Daryoush Talati,
Ankara University, Turkey
On the Trivially Related Lax Pairs of the Sawada-Kotera Equation

Rahim Zaare-Nahandi,
University of Tehran, Iran
On Cellular Resolution of Monomial Ideals
(Abstract) (Lecture Note)

Rashid Zaare-Nahandi,
Steps on Classification of Monomial Ideals with Linear Resolution


Time-table of the Workshop:

Time ----- Day













Welcome (opening)


Rahim Zaare-Nahandi

Franšois Ollivier:

Differential Algebra (II)

Franšois Ollivier:

Differential Algebra (III)

Franšois Ollivier:

Differential Algebra (IV)

Franšois Ollivier:

Differential Algebra (V)


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Amir  Hashemi

Deepak Kapur:

 Gr÷bner Systems (I)

Deepak Kapur:

Gr÷bner Systems (II)

Deepak Kapur:

Gr÷bner Systems (III)

Deepak Kapur:

 Gr÷bner Systems (IV)


Franšois Ollivier:

Differential Algebra (I)

Marc Moreno Maza:

Triangular Decomposition (II)

Marc Moreno Maza:

Triangular Decomposition (III)

Marc Moreno Maza:

Triangular Decomposition (IV)

Marc Moreno Maza:

Triangular Decomposition (V)



Group Photo and Lunch





Marc Moreno Maza:

Triangular Decomposition (I)

 Rashid Zaare-Nahandi

Masoud Sabzevari

Saeid Azam



Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Hassan Haghighi

Parisa  Alvandi

Daryoush Talati

Benyamin M.-Alizadeh


Mahsa  Kazemi

Marziyeh  Boroujeni




 (Niavaran Palace)


(Jamshidieh Park)

Discussion panel



Workshop Dinner


You can see the workshop program in printable version here.

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Registration and Accommodation Fee:

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Call for Abstracts: (The deadline is now over.)

Abstracts will be accepted for 25 minutes presentations at the workshop subject to approval by the organizers. Please send submissions electronically (PDF format and in English) to with the subject: "DiffAlg Abstract".


Submission of abstracts: May 10, 2014 (20 Ordibehesht 1393)
(The deadline is now over.)
Registration and accommodation request: May 31, 2014 (10 Khordad 1393)
(The deadline is now over.)
To pay registration and accommodation fees
: June 7, 2014 (17 Khordad 1393)


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