Mohammad Golshani

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Faculty member,

School of Mathematics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM).







PhD thesis

The effects of adding a real to models of set theory.


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27- On Csn(κ) and the Juhasz-Kunen question, with S. Shelah, submitted.

28- Definable tree property can hold at all uncountable regular cardinals, submitted.

29- The tree property at all regular even cardinals, submitted.

30- The special Aronszajn tree property at \aleph_2 and GCH, with D. Aspero, submitted.

31- Iterated Ramsey bounds for the Hales-Jewett numbers, with S. Shelah, submitted.

32- On a question of Hamkins and Lowe on the modal logic of collapse forcing, with W. Mitchell, submitted.


1- Woodin's surgery method.

2- An introduction to forcing.

3- Singular cofinality conjecture and a question of Gorelic.

4- On a question of Zadrozny.

5-  Power set at \aleph_\omega: On a theorem of Woodin.

6- All uncountable regular cardinals can be inaccessible in HOD.

7- Notes on countably generated complete Boolean algebras.

8- Adding many random reals may add many Cohen reals.

9- On a theorem of Magidor.

10- On the notions of cut, dimension and transcendence degree for models of ZFC.

11- Fraisse limit via forcing.

12- Changing measurable into small accessible cardinals.

13- Strongly compct diagonal Prikry forcing.

Talk slides:

1- Singular Cardinals Problem (IPM Colloquium, 2015).

2- On the birth of set theoretic algebra (Algebra day, 2018).

3- Diophantine approximation of Cohen reals (7th annual conference of Iranian Association for Logic, 2020).


1- Rahman Mohammadpour, MSc: ``The Modal Logic of Forcing and Hamkins' Maximality Principle'' (in Farsi), 2015.

2- Zahra A. Biglou, MSc: ``Around Vaught's conjecture'' (in Farsi), 2018.